A Simple Place

Let us observe each day and learn a bit more about ourselves and our world. There are no experts or expectations here; come as you are, and leave the place better than you found it.

~ J.P. Humphrey

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Issue 2 of “Stone, Root & Bone”

Inspiration for my prayer, “The Hierophant”

I wrote an article describing my process for creating a personal prayer, based on the teachings of Herb Stevenson (http://www.onewhitehorsestanding.com/) and specifically on my experience at his Crow workshop in November 2019. It will be published on January 25 in Stone, Root, and Bone, an ezine about nature spirituality; please take a look and consider pre-ordering your copy:


Hawthorn with ripening fruit

The first issue of “Stone, Root & Bone” is full of compelling writing and beautiful images, and I guarantee that your thoughts will be provoked. Get your copy of the Samhain issue here. And look for an essay about Hawthorn by me!

“Stone, Root, and Bone is a magazine of authentic, spiritual connection with the land. The publication focuses on personal connection, reciprocity and devotion.”

by Hagstone Publishing

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