Whether we use tarot cards, oracle decks, runes, the ogham alphabet, stones or other items, divination allows us to tap into our intuition in a unique way. By our preparation for each reading, we become ready to listen and see, to just know. Trust that your brain can discern patterns, your energy body can perceive currents, your spirit can navigate a field of awareness.

Begin. And practice, especially by putting your observations into words through journaling or posting.

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Join me in 13 days of ancestor appreciation through November 1 as we approach Samhain.

Marigold (Tagetes)

Gather photos, mementos, cloths, a candle or two. Create art, make a display. Offer a favorite treat.

Reach out, so that generations may recognize and aid each other.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 13, November 1

Enough dissatisfaction and discontent! Enough striving for more!

Turn inward to maintain Self and safety this winter, and then spring will arrive in strength and splendor.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 12, October 31

The journey of the soul, a movement in darkness; release of old ways – attachments, shame, insecurities.

Shadow work is waiting to be done; it will hover over our dreams until completed.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 11, October 30

The drumbeat of transformation continues. Sometimes a change in perspective is needed to see where fear and jealousy hide. Better to recognize them than to be engulfed in flames.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 10, October 29

When is enough enough? What can be shared, and by releasing, allow us to loosen the attachment to this mortal plane?

We all must leave the worldly behind. The passage will be easier if we carry less baggage.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 9, October 28

This wasn’t the deck or pull I intended, this morning. But it’s the one that needed to come, from Ola, my great-grandmother and the daughter of the two people on my ancestor altar:

Great-grandmother Ola

Once trapped by circumstance, She passed through a time of dark silence. With a headstrong demand to be seen, She has returned, radiant and ready to gallop across the sky.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 8, October 27

Although dead before my birth, grandfather is revealing himself to me. A new perspective allows me to begin to know this man: although I have imagined him to be fierce and severe, he was also temperate, courteous and generous. He, too, loved and protected the land and his family.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 7, October 26

Today’s reading was meant to give me feedback on a deeper reading that I did for a family member today. I pulled the exact same spread that I did on October 19, when reaching out to a grandmother. And so I will post my interpretation from that day here; it confirms that my ancestors are listening.

Weaving four generations together, with guidance of grandmother who oversees all that occurs:

I stand in the middle, offering awareness and protection to those before and after me. One life preparing to end and one life readying to take flight.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 6, October 25

Solid foundations are necessary, but not sufficient. We must take action, especially when integrating the physical and spiritual, the body and mind, the internal and external.

Plant your feet, raise your arms, and feel the energy flow.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 5, October 24

A beginning of love, caring, right relationship: work to be true to ourselves, to know our Self, to more fully connect with others

Be willing to acknowledge and integrate the polarities within, and to observe the twining of threads on the tree of life.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 4, October 23

Grief. Death. The Unknown. The All-Father.

Welcome home, ancestor. All is forgiven. There is a place for you here with me, where love resides.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 3, October 22

Begin. Just begin.

Does one ask for answers at the start of a relationship? Not usually. One steps out gingerly to see what happens next.

And yet, sometimes an answer appears unbidden, just as steppingstones may appear before us.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 2, October 21

Honor the creative and nurturing nature of all fathers. Beginning a relationship with a blank canvas, all the possibilities are present in one moment.

Scan the horizon for signs. New understanding is approaching.

13 Days of Ancestors: Day 1, October 20

Clear insight was not always heeded. Frank advice was not well received. The stern eyes bear down upon us still today; an offering from one generation to another:

Be seen in truth, be recognized for your full self. Open the gift and look inside.

Ancestor altar, Samhain 2019

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