Not long ago, I realized that two-thirds of my life is behind me. My children are grown, my marriage has ended. What have I learned and how can I use this newfound wisdom and freedom? With a change of perspective comes power: the power to claim my presence, to be fully me as I am in this moment, and to shape the moments yet to come. Having entered the “clearly older” stage of life, I practice keeping an open mind and maintaining a lighthearted sense of self. I live close to the land in the Upper Midwest of the United States while manifesting a space of shared experience, learning and healing.

Update, September 2023

Jill McMullen MD is a workshop leader and holistic medicine physician (board certified in both family medicine and integrative medicine with additional training in medical acupuncture). As the founder of Hayfork & Sickle LLC in rural Wisconsin, she hosts intimate events with an emphasis on kindling the inner flames that may have become dimmed with time. The hayfork and sickle (hand tools of harvesting) symbolize the importance of recognizing when an idea is ready or when a journey is over, so that we can reap the rewards of our efforts and prepare for the next season of life. 

She is also an avid traveler, vision board maker, and SoulCollage® Facilitator. Attend an in-person or online event to create a unique deck of colorful, collaged SoulCollage® cards with deep personal meaning. Consult your cards, discover your inner wisdom and find answers to life’s questions. Anyone can enjoy this fun, powerful and satisfying method.

Jill’s mission is to allow healing to take place through connecting people with nature and sparking their creativity.