15 years ago I began to think about creating a space anchored in the land and tied to the cycles of the year.´┐╝ There is much to be said for setting an intention and following through with the myriad steps that are necessary to achieve our goals. And that story will be told.

However, this time of year is about harvesting, about claiming that which we have put into motion as it comes to fulfillment.´┐╝ The hayfork and the sickle are implements of gathering the products of our labors, of reaching out with strength and precision to capture a ripe moment.

In this space I will share the touchstones and tools that have brought me here and that lead me forward: authors and books; animals and plants; discernment decks (tarots and oracles), crystals, rituals and prayers; magical places and special people. I hope to see you here often and to create a community of learning and growth.